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Zen Meditator - 7 Day Challenge

  • 7Days
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


In the next 7 days, you’ll learn all the basics of meditation to help build the foundation to a more grounded and regular meditation practice, and it's totally FREE! Each day you’ll learn something new that will help support you on your meditative journey, you’ll get to practice an effective meditation program and you'll also have the opportunity to provide important insight and input on your daily experience. On top of that, you'll get some helpful coaching along the way for each day of of the challenge! Important!: Remember to press the "Complete" button after each day's challenge and coaching. You'll have to do this twice for each day, once for the actual day's "Challenge", and once for the day's "Coaching", it's that easy! Earn your "Zen Meditator" badge when you complete the 7 day challenge, so a very happy meditation to you!

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