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Signed by the author

L.M. Blanchard has been actively exploring spirituality ever since his early childhood and has studied different forms of meditation for the past twenty years. Then he discovered Lindsay Wagner and the Oneness University in India. He became a facilitator--a "Oneness Blessing Giver"--and his spiritual path widened and deepened. In this book, he makes accessible teachings that resonate with sages and mystics across the ages. He shares his mystical insights and helps to clear the way for the reader to grow spiritually. He encourages us to clean and shine the "Golden Link" to that part of our being that is the good in all of us: our Oneness.

Book - The Golden Link to Oneness

  • Signed by the author, Pre-Release Edition Paperback (2014) Publisher: General Store Publishing House Language: English ISBN-10: 1771230797 ISBN-13: 978-1771230797 Dimensions: 3.54 × 2.36 × 0.27 in Pages: 123 Released: October 15, 2014
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