Not to forget the men, this necklace was intended for men but can also be worn by women. The celtic trinity symbol also known as the ‘triquetra’ has a myriad of symbolic meaning. Pre-dating Christianity, this symbol represents concepts of three unified elements or aspects, such as: Body/Mind/Spirit, Mother/Maiden/Crone, Father/Son/Holy Ghost, and Past/Present/Future. The unification, or ‘oneness’ of the three aspects come from the fact that the symbol can be drawn in one continuous motion without lifting the pen from the paper. All three come together to form one. The triquetra is accompanied by a single amethyst crystal bead. Amethyst is said to be a very spiritual stone that aids in raising your intuition and strengthening your connection to higher levels of consciousness. Either one of the pendants can be removed if you want to wear only one pendant at a time. Each piece of jewelry from “The Deeksha Collection” was blessed during mediation with L.M. Blanchard.

Men's Celtic & Amethyst Pendant Necklace

  • One amethyst crystal bead pendant and one sterling silver triquetra pendent on a sterling silver fine bead 18 inch chain.