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L. M. Blanchard  (Luc) has worked in the Government of Canada for the past 24 years and is a former sailor in the Royal Canadian Navy. He's studied different forms of meditation for the past twenty years and has been active in spiritual exploration and meditation ever since his early childhood.


In January 2013, he attended the Oneness University in India, where he experienced his personal awakening during a twenty-eight-day meditative process. His books have been published by Burnstown Publishing House, both of which focus on spiritual awakening, meditation and elevating human consciousness.


His first book, The Golden Link to Oneness, won the 2015 Living Now Book Award in the Spirituality and Enlightenment category and the Canada Book Award. In 2016, he received the Assistant Director's Medal for his work in the Government of Canada for creating a successful workplace meditation program, teaching employees stress-reduction meditation in the workplace.


Since early 2016, he began writing his first screenplay as well as his first novel. He's been involved in creating and producing a transformative reality television series and produced and directed a grassroots documentary called "Finding Purpose"


He returned to India in October of 2017 to take an intensive and traditional Hatha yoga teacher training program and now teaches yoga classes as well as leading workshops and retreats focused on yoga, meditation and spiritual awakening. He's a recognized yoga instructor with NRG2GO and travels to international resorts as a guest instructor.

In the spring of 2018, his first screenplay "The Ladybug & The Dagger" won the Los Angeles Film Awards for Best Action Screenplay and he was also awarded an Honourable Mention for First Time Screenwriter  in the Festigious International Film Festival. More recently in November 2018, his screenplay won a Bronze Award in the North American Film Awards.

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