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Chakra Meditation

A gift to you. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain!

Try my guided Chakra Meditation. Available in English or in French. Sit back in a comfortable position, put on your headphones or use good external speakers and start the track by clicking the play button.


Make this meditation part of your relaxation and stress reduction strategy. Please share with those who you think would benefit too!



L.M. Blanchard

Learn more about
The Chakra System
Try the Open-Eye
Chakra Meditation
In this chakra meditation, you'll use visualization to focus on each energy centre of your subtle body.
As you travel through your chakras, you'll learn how to maintain balance in various aspects of your self which will help you to move through obstacles that prevent you from finding freedom and liberation of life-diminishing thoughts and programs. 
Keep at it and see the results increase with each experience. Make it a daily practice so you can reap the maximum benefits that regular meditation practice brings.
Méditation Chakra - Français - L.M. Blanchard
Chakra Meditation - English - L.M. Blanchard
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