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Sunrise Meditation


Sit in a comfortable position with your arms and legs uncrossed, feet flat on the ground. Take three slow and deep breaths.


Focus on the sunrise image on this page, as you slowly inhale and exhale, ‘experience’ the image of the sun by exploring what you see in the present moment.  See the colours, the hues, the reflections, the contrasts and details of the image. Observe the point where two colours intersect, observe other details that come to you.


Once you’ve observed as many aspects of the image you could, pick a single point in the image and maintain your gaze on that point. Now you’ll begin to experience the image by being in the present moment and allowing the image to unfold and reveal itself to you.  With your mind’s eye, allow the image to observe ‘you’, the way you are now; without judgement and without thought. 


Keep breathing slowly for a minute or two.  When you’re done, take note of your experience.


This technique can be used anytime and anyplace. You can use any image that speaks to you in which you find peacefulness and beauty to it.  Or, you can use an object in your home, on your desk, a point on the wall, or even an object in the bus as you travel to your destination.  All you have to do is observe the object or point, then let it ‘observe’ you through your mind’s eye.

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