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Some will say, “I’ve tried to meditate and I just can’t do it, it stresses me out!”  It certainly can, especially if you take a bigger bite that you can chew. I found the best strategy to use is to start slow and start small.  Trying to meditate for half-an-hour on your first try would be a kin to running your first marathon without prior training. Avoid setting yourself up to fail, rather, layout the conditions which with bring you the best successes no matter how small. If it’s your first try, you should aim to limit your meditation to a minute or two and no more. That’s all it takes to start! Each time you engage in a small meditation, you’ll be building on your next experience. You’ll gain confidence by establishing your own comfort level and preferences each time.


Mindfulness principals can be used not only to relax, reduce stress and to disconnect from “suffering”, but the same principals can be used in your everyday life to deepen your relationship with yourself, the people in your life and the work you do as well.  Mindfulness, when interacting with family members, friends, colleagues and your work, brings a tremendous amount of value and validation to all parties and elements involved. New insights can be discovered and stronger relationships forged as a result.    


You will find three easy meditations in the drop-down menu under "MEDITATION" that you can experiment with at any time. Give it a have everything to gain!




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