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Finding the right yoga school to receive yoga teacher training didn't come easy because I was looking for a school that taught yoga in the way that was closest to the authentic and original form of yoga that came to us from India. Shiva Shakti Yoga School in Goa, India became that school for me. I was taught by Indian yogic teachers who not only had the knowledge but also the wisdom and experience that comes from living and breathing yoga every day since birth. The advantage of being taught by teachers immersed in the yogic life is that they bring an energy that is innate in them, in their culture, in their behaviour and in their blood. 

The Hatha Yoga Program that I took involved living and learning in the middle of a small Indian village in Patnem Beach in the state of Goa on the banks of the Arabian Sea. It was an intense process of learning anatomy & physiology, Indian and yogic philosophy, spiritual anatomy, asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing techniques), chanting, mudras (hand postures), meditation and teaching techniques.


Part practical, part theoretical and part experiential, the training provided me not only with new skills and knowledge to share, it provided me with an infusion of life changing energy that will help contribute to my mission to help raise the level of consciousness to whom ever is seeking guidance and assistance to achieve a state where suffering dissolves and liberation is found.

As I explore and find various venues to teach Hatha Yoga, once confirmed, those venues and schedules will be posted here and on my social media accounts.

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