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The Seven Chakras


  1. Root Chakra (red) is what makes you feel grounded.

  2. Sacral Chakra (orange) is where creativity is born.

  3. Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow) is where creativity is sent out into the physical world; the avenue for the manifestation of your desires and objectives.

  4. Heart Chakra (green) is where love resides within you.

  5. Throat Chakra (blue) is the place from where communication and liaison are made with your external world.

  6. Third Eye Chakra (indigo) is the seat of your intuition and vision.

  7. Crown Chakra (violet) is the center from where higher inspiration comes.


The chakra system can be used as an effective tool to focus your attention on certain aspects of your life.  Though meditation you can bring your awareness to a specific area of your life where you might find a deficiency or a blockage. 


By actively focusing on a chakra, you allow your consciousness to hone into that part of your life in which you want to address; giving you the chance to focus your contemplation on that area in your life. 


On an energetic level, you allow the frequency of colour or tone to harmonise and rebalance the chakras, clearing it of negative energy such as the kind that affect us when in contact with a person who’s influence may linger within us even after they’ve left the room.


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Did you ever wonder about the origin and nature of your ‘gut feeling’?


This feeling literally does arise from your gut, more precisely, from your solar plexus area. The same place where the chakra related to basic survival resides; this is the solar plexus chakra.  When a feeling in you stirs and arises from this area, you should pay close attention.  It can provide you with much valued information about your surroundings as well as your safety both physical and emotional. 


This is one example of a connection we have with subtle energies we sometimes experience in our body, although difficult to measure in scientific terms, still very real when experienced. 


The chakras are energy centers in your body, such as the one found in your solar plexus area, where various energies converge to regulate and impact certain aspects of your life experiences, principally on the energetic level, but will also affect body and mind since it’s all interconnected.  The chakras offer a way to focus and work with a subtle aspect of your being that cannot be manipulated or measured by western science, yet for billions of people around the world, the chakras are just another part of who they are in this world.  One way of looking at the chakra is that the chakra system is to the human spirit what the nervous system is to the body.  


Focusing on the chakras gives you a way to access and work with parts of yourself that remain hidden from others and sometimes from yourself, yet still felt and experienced, even if you’re not quite certain what it is that you’re experiencing.  Just because your friends can’t see something happening in your solar plexus chakra, I doesn’t mean that you don’t experience a feeling in your gut when something’s not sitting right with you for one reason or another.  You may not understand what’s going on within you, but you know that something is stirring; such is the effect of this energy.


There are varieties of schools of thought on the chakra system; the widely accepted teaches that there are seven major energy centers, or chakras, each with its own attributes.  Each chakra is influenced by energies both positive and negative (as we perceive them to be), which can positively impact the flow of corresponding energy, or obstruct the harmonious flow of energy, as in the “Golden Link”, the subject matter of my book “The Golden Link to Oneness”.


The chakras are located along the length of the spine starting at the base of the spine, in the sacral region, and travels all the way up to the crown of the head.  Each chakra holds a specific frequency which can be associated to a specific colour and sound wave. 


Is it a coincidence that when you split light through a prism, you’re left with the seven colours of the rainbow, which correspond perfectly to the order of the colors of the chakra system that was established some four thousand years ago, even before light spectrum was discovered by Newton in 1665?

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