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Body Scan Meditation


Close your eyes, uncross your arms and feet, take a few deep and slow breaths and start to scan your body from your feet and work your way up your body.


With your mind’s eye, feel the present sensation in your feet, the constriction of your shoes, the feeling of your socks on your skin and notice any other sensations you can. Slowly work your way up your body and with your mind’s eye become conscious of your body in the present moment.


Begin to ‘experience’ the sensation of your body. How a cold draft might feel on your arm, how your shirt feels on your skin, how your arms rest on your lap, the point of contact between your body and the chair or pillow that you sit on, the tension in your neck and shoulders.


Take one or two minutes to become aware of your body and how it occupies the present time and the present space. This is more than just observation, it involves acknowledgement of the sensations in the present moment and in the space you occupy at that time.


Afterwards, note how your focus naturally shifted into the present moment, and how you were not thinking about your grocery list or the chores you need to do.

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