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Breath-in, Breath-out


Sit comfortably, close your eyes and take three deep breaths.


Now on your next breath, ‘experience’ the breath, become mindful of your breath and all the sensations associated with breathing. On the inhalation, sense the cool air going in through your nose, sense with your mind’s eye your lungs expanding, feel the effect that your clothes has on your expanding chest.


Hold your breath for a second or two. Sense the air being held in your lungs. On the exhalation, sense your lungs shrink and expel the air from your mouth. Scan your body and take note of any other sensations you may have.


Don’t rush it, allow the experience to unfold naturally and in the present moment. Continue this exercise for about a minute, and then take note of what you experienced. See how your mind will let go of other thoughts as you voluntarily focus on your breathing in the present moment.

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