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The Ladybug & The Dagger

Part 1 of The Twin's Chronicle  



London 1666 - A father and his twins are forced to flee England as rumours spread that they caused The Great Fire of London. The harrowing events awaken the girl's inner power and the boy's special gift as they fight to stay together while becoming pawns in plans to colonize New France by King Louis XIV.


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Part one in a trilogy, The Ladybug & The Dagger  is a coming of age story of teenage fraternal twins (boy/girl) as they're forced to emigrate from England back to France after their father is blamed for causing The Great Fire of London. The twins experience tragic loss as they fight to stay together and in the process discover their inner strengths and gifts. Back in France, they become pawns in the colonization of New France as the girl is forced to become a "King's Daughter", a scheme of King Louis XIV to send young girls to marry Frenchmen and to propagate the French population in the new colony. 

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