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Yoga Teacher Training in India

In about a month from now I'll be immersed in an intensive yoga teacher training (YTT) program in the state of Goa in southern India. I was torn between doing it in Costa Rica or India and finally decided to return a second time to the source where yoga originated...and so...India here I come again!

People ask me if I'll be teaching or opening a yoga studio when I get back and honestly I haven't thought that far ahead. I'm really focused on taking the YTT for myself. To learn more about the principles of yoga, and to experience how the daily practice can deepen my connection to my inner-self and to that of the people around me.

I chose to go to the Shiva Shakti Yoga School and their program seems to be exactly what I was looking for...without really knowing what I was looking for lol. It's not just about the physical aspect of yoga but a deeper aspect that touches the souls connection to the divine-self and I believe that's where we must pay special attention in order to create a most enhanced life for ourselves.

As I get ready for this journey, I hope to share some anecdotes along the way and to have you join me through my blogs, so if you feel so inclined, come back here and help keep me motivated by posting your comments. Blessings to all and namaste!

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