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Enhanced Living – Non-Judgement Sadhana Blog Post 3 of 21

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Ensnarled in Judgment

Judgement is one way that the mind creates discord and conflict within the human spirit. The discord and conflict becomes the medium used by the mind to paint illusions and false realities so complex and convoluted that your consciousness can no longer discern the truths of your existence and the truths contained in your human experiences. Clarity becomes muddled, reason becomes skewed, and your ego becomes ensnarled in the grasp of judgement creating obstacles in all of your relationships from the relationship you have with those around you and more importantly the relationship you have with yourself which results in self-judgment.

Reboot the Mind

Human consciousness develops a myriad of disorders and syndromes that limit your experience of life and prevent the manifestation of your heart’s desires by judging yourself unworthy or incapable of living a certain experience. You keep yourself from actualizing that experience through the judgments you have. In judging yourself powerless to change a situation in your life for the better…you remove your ability to change. By judging yourself unattractive, you limit your ability to experience the beauty in yourself, in others, and of those around you, thus making yourself less attractive to others. This is a pattern, a program that has been inputted into your mind, but since it’s a program, the program can be rewritten. Know that your mind can be rebooted like a computer by the realization that you have the ability to change your reality and that starts with letting go of judgments in yourself and in others.

“Self-judgement is the most powerful weapon the ego-mind uses to mount an ambush against the human spirit.”

- The Golden Link to Oneness

Photo provided by Pixabay

War on the Battlefield

The ego’s mission is to mount an ambush against the human spirit by entrenching its position as the general on the battlefield – a battlefield that it creates within you, in your mind. This is done so the ego can survive the conflict and the suffering it creates, it's done to prevent you from getting closer to your higher-self and to eventual awakening. The only way to bring an end to the battle that lies within is to make peace with your ego-self and your mind...make peace with the thought that it’s in the nature of the ego-mind to create suffering; and make peace with the teaching that the only way to experience inner-peace is to liberate yourself from the suffering created by the ego through the action of awakening your consciousness to a higher state of being; one that has been freed from the weapon of judgement.

The Mirror Sadhana

In this sadhana exercise, you’ll need to position a single lit candle safely between yourself and a mirror. Without any kind of mental commentary, focus your full attention solely on the nature of your reflection for nine minutes as you observe your image as reflected by the mirror. If your mind wanders, and it will, simply bring your attention back to the optical details of your reflection. Observe the contours, shadows and highlights of your reflection; witness what you see and become aware if any judgement arises. If judgements do come, and they will, simply acknowledge that they were passing thoughts based on program from your past and concepts that have been imbedded in your mind and don’t reflect your true nature, and refocus your attention on the observation of the visual qualities of your reflection, such as colours, shapes, textures and contour. Hold this meditation for nine minutes, you can use a timer to let you know when the nine minutes are over, and once your timer chimes, lay down or recline with eyes closed, bring your attention to the point between your eyebrows, or third-eye area, and without judgement, let whatever thoughts, images or emotions come to the surface and end the sadhana by journaling about your experience.


1- Take out the piece of paper that you’ve written your intention on for this 21 day blog series (as explained in my introductory blog post) and as you read it, let the intention fill your mind and your spirit.

2- In a darkened room, sit in a comfortable position in front of a mirror.

3- Light a candle which should be placed safely between you and the mirror.

4- Set your timer for 9 minutes.

5- With a soft gaze, observe your reflection focusing on the optical qualities of your reflection.

6- Acknowledge judgements when they arise as being part of programs from your past and return to focusing on the visual elements of your reflection.

7- When the 9 minutes are over, lie down or recline with eyes closed, bring your attention to the point between your eyebrows, and without judgement, let whatever thoughts, images or emotions come to the surface of your awareness then journal about it.

8- Now, express gratitude for having taken this time for yourself and for having completed this sadhana.

The Next Blog – Blog 4 of 21

In my next blog post “Enhanced Living – Compassion, Blog 4 of 21” you’ll dive into the sea of compassion to experience the highest state of consciousness humanity can experience.

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