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Enhanced Living in 21 Blog Posts

First published on Thrive Global

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Transform your inner and outer world

There’s a practice in the East designed to give you what you seek in life and this practice can help you manifest that which you want and also, as a side-effect, it can enhance your emotional, physical and mental health in the process. This practice is called sadhana. It’s something that you do with intention to bring about a transformation. Your inner-self is the agent that triggers a transformation in your outer-world. It can be seen as a spiritual exercise and if you don’t see yourself as being particularly spiritual, you can see it simply as an exercise for your inner-self – for your mind and you psyche.

Forever stuck in a loop repeating life-diminishing patterns and behaviours. It’s time to get unstuck! Follow my next 21 blogs in an exercise that will help shift your way of thinking so you can create an enhanced life.

Seek no more

In our personal and professional lives, we get caught up in the hunt, in the seeking and achieving. The pursuit becomes an uninterrupted cycle with no end and little satisfaction. When in this state of pursuing things in life, we’re actually reinforcing the state of scarcity - the very state we’re trying to avoid.

Be the Finder

One thing that the most successful people have in common in creating the life they want, is that they reached a space where they just let go. They had clear intentions, worked hard and struggled at times and at one point, they shifted their way of thinking and let go...allowing themselves to flow into a very different state of consciousness. Getting into this state requires surrendering, which should not be mistaken for giving up or becoming complacent. Surrendering is simply letting things happen naturally without resistance, without trying to control the process. It becomes a state absent of duality. You stop being the seeker because there is nothing to find, rather, you are both the seeker and the object being sought; but at the same time, you are neither. If you become what you seek, you already have it.


The way in which you can change your perspective is simply to raise your awareness and this can be done through a very ancient practice that comes to us from India that I mentioned earlier and its knows as performing sadhanas. In very simple terms, a sadhana is an exercise or practice that starts with an intention, followed by an exercise or action, to affect a shift and then requires letting it go so it can happen. A sadhana can help to transform any aspect of your life that you want to improve.

Your invitation

You’re invited to follow my next 21 blogs on Thrive Global, to learn about a simple series of practical exercises (sadhanas), and experience for yourself your capabilities to affect the positive changes that you want in your personal and work-life. Together we can get into the flow of things and shift from being a seeker to becoming a finder!

Before we start! - The Intention

Before my next blog, your homework is to clearly identify and formulate in writing that which you want to experience at this point in your life, right now. Not in five years, but right now. Keep it current and frame it in a way that provides a high value of return for your human experience, always raising the vibration of your intention by making it as selfless as possible.

For example, rather than saying “I want to reach 200K followers on my Instagram account.” Reframe it to hold greater meaning which will raise the frequency of your intention. Say something like, “I want to expand my Instagram reach to as many followers as possible so I can positively inspire the lives of others through my own life experiences.” The point is, the more selfless the intention, the more likely and faster its manifestation.

Take five minutes to contemplate what you want and explore how it can also be of value to others around you. Exercise your creative thinking skills and once you’ve nailed it, write it down on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe location as you’ll need it later.

In my next blog post “Enhanced Living – Gratitude, Sadhana 1 of 21” you’ll learn how to use the state of gratitude to shift how you think about all that you ever had, all that you have now and everything you have yet to receive in life. In your first sadhana exercise of this blog series you’ll learn a very easy way to lower the volume of your mind-chatter through a special meditation technique which will help you flow into a state of profound gratitude.


L. M. Blanchard has studied different forms of meditation for the past twenty years and has been active in spiritual exploration and meditation ever since his early childhood. In January 2013, he attended the Oneness University in India, where he experienced his personal awakening during a twenty-eight-day meditative process. His books have been published by Burnstown Publishing House, both of which focus on spiritual awakening and human consciousness. His first book The Golden Link to Oneness, won the 2015 Living Now Book Award in the Spirituality and Enlightenment category. In 2016, he was awarded the Assistant Director's Medal for his work in the Government of Canada for creating a very successful workplace meditation program, teaching employees meditation at work. In early 2016, he began to write his first screenplay as well as his first spiritual novel and is also producing a transformative reality television series which is currently in development. He is returning to India in October of 2017 to take an intensive yoga teacher training.

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