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Finally Made it to India!

It was a very long journey from Ottawa, Canada as I flew from home to Frankfurt then to Mumbai and finally to Goa in the hot and humid southern part of India. The flight long and trying at times, was made easier as I resolved right from the beginning to surrender and allow myself to experience whatever came my way without resistance. I'm happy that I chose this way of experiencing things because if I hadn't, I think the whole experience would have been rendered somewhere between a test of patience and torture!

Oh Yes, Taxi Ride in India!

It was especially helpful to surrender during the taxi ride from Goa Airport to Patnem Beach, the place where I'll be doing my yoga training. The taxi driver who spoke very little English was...fearless in navigating the traffic of cars, trucks, cows, dogs, people, motorbikes and not forget...the windy roads and curves. This surrender was key in allowing me to have this experience without the unpleasantness that fear brings along with it. It felt more like I was in a virtual reality video game...engaged and excited.

A Shower, Finally after 27 Hours of Travel

Once settled in and showered, I tried a little nap but that didn't pan out as I had planned due to a local event going on in the neighbourhood, the loudness of the celebration kept me from reaching that nap state...another situation where surrender made the experienced void of frustration and negativity.

I met the owner of the Shiva Shakti Yoga School and he's such a friendly and insightful person. We had tea and talked mostly about philosophy and the important aspect of remembering the spiritual of yoga which frequently get's forgotten in the West. This is a situation that will get rectified in the yoga program that I'll be starting on October 1st, as there's a huge focus on philosophy, spirituality and the divine nature of the practice of yoga. Going to the root of the traditional Hatha Yoga practice.

You bet I'm excited!!!

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